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IT20 is a group of 20 leading IT professionals from both the public and private sectors, as well as from the tertiary education and professional institutions. With the recognition that IT is a strategic asset in a knowledge based economy, we have a common commitment towards building a sustainable IT industry for HK.

Our Mission
To effectively enhance and promote the development of our IT industry, foremost of which is the promotion of freer access to the Mainland market with regard to the optimal use of human capital, creating business and job opportunities, enhancing infrastructure, sharpening our professional expertise and advancing our IT status, all for the purpose of providing significant economic benefits to HK, and reinforcing our contribution towards national development goals.

How IT20 Proposes to Achieve Our Mission
Through our concerted efforts and our extensive network to strengthen and promote communications and cooperation within the IT industry and its user communities in HK;
To lobby and work with the HK and Central Government to formulate and implement policies and measures beneficial to the development of a sustainable IT industry for HK;
To ensure Hong Kong serves as a bridge between the international IT sector and that of the Mainland to expand the horizon of opportunities to fulfil our common goal of "going global".
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