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Dr Elizabeth Quat
\|դh Dr Elizabeth Quat 26

Dr. Elizabeth Quat is the President and Co-Founder of Internet Professional Association (iProA), the Founder and CEO of CB Strategic Investment Limited which focus in investment in ICT and Education areas, and the Vice President of SC Fulfil Limited, which provides logistics consultancy, IT solutions and system services.

Being an active advocate of industry development and community service, Dr. Quat serves in committees of various government bodies to enhance and improve Hong Kong's competitiveness and IT professional standards.

Dr. Quat was one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons" and "Ten Outstanding Young Digi Persons" in 2001, "The Most Successful Women 2002" in 2002, and "Hundred Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in China" in 2006. These awards acknowledged her significant outstanding achievement and contribution to the Hong Kong community.

Dr. Quat's versatility and passion for life began at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where she majored in dancing. To equip herself in her pursuit of excellence she received her degrees in BBA and MBA in Marketing, and a Ph.D. degree in Management through part time study. She is currently a Master student of the Hong Kong University's Family Institute major in Marriage and Family Therapy. An amateur yet with professional standard, she is a certified PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, a Medic First Aid Instructor and an Underwater Photographer. Dr. Quat is married, and has been a vegetarian for 19 years.

Some of Dr. Elizabeth Quat remarkable projects included:
1999: Founded the Internet Professional Association which now represents over 1,400 ICT professionals. It contributes towards improving professionalism of information technology practitioners, encouraging ICT professionals to share social responsibilities, as well as striving to bridge the digital divide in Hong Kong.
2001: Initiated the "Web Care Campaign" which aims to narrow digital divide by promoting web accessibility and delivered unified and standardized Internet training programmes for women, children, the elderly, and the disabled. This project has accumulated over 2,000 volunteers and more than 10,000 beneficiaries.
May 2003: One of the founders of the "BrightenHK Campaign" during SARS period, which aimed to unite Hong Kong people and boost confidence against the impact of SARS. A portal ( was built to inform the world of accurate and positive information about Hong Kong whereby improving Hong Kong's international image.
Oct 2003: Founder and President of the "Global Alliance for Bridging the Digital Divide" (GABDD), which consisted of a group of experts and professionals from 24 countries to narrow digital divide globally. Dr. Quat was elected as the founding President.
May 2004: Successfully launched the first "Global ICT Summit 2004" in Hong Kong with over 70 renowned speakers from 22 countries participated.
May 2005: Successfully conducted the "Global ICT Summit 2005" in Bahrain and established the first HK-Middle East IT Joint Venture in Bahrain.
June 2005: Initiated the "SME Entrepreneur Consortium" (SMEEC), which was the first SME consortium in the world that brought together different stakeholders to help SMEs to better understand market opportunities and risks, acquire know-how in financing their businesses, and use information and communications technology (ICT) effectively.
Aug 2005: Initiated the founding of the "eHealth Consortium" which aims to facilitate and promote the use of IT as a complementary tool in the health care industry, enhancing the accessibility, quality and effectiveness of health care services in Hong Kong.
Sep 2005: Co-Organized the 4th China Internet Conference in Beijing with the Internet Society of China.
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